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OMG, Steve, so glad I didn't have to attend. I know my butt would have been kicked out after the first sentence. The lies -- the things people will believe -- makes me so angry. As the child of a high school teacher, I assure you parents have ample opportunity to voice any interest in education. The point here is that people don't get to say what other kids do or read or learn. Thanks for keeping us aware of the danger and the crazy.

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People that talk like this woman sound so scared. Fragile spirits these people. Brittle. Scared of boogymen of their own making. They remind me of the creators of laws preventing slave owners from facing ANY kind of accountability. Making laws to shield them from the retribution from the very people who they enslave or rape or otherwise violently abuse. Let's not forget, it took till just last year for politicians to create the Emmet Till Anti-Lynching law. And three people voted against it!


People praise Lincoln for preserving the Union; he did not preserve any Union. He absolved his own kind from punishment and paved the way for an even more horrific and violent culture that predated the Civil War. Pol Pot got nothing on Lincoln or the lawmakers who followed him. The Devil's in the details and women like this want nothing more than to hide those details from plain view.

I mean, the audacity to bring up Chapter 6 from Douglass' Narrative shows a cognitive disconnect, a dissonance if you will, that makes folks with even a smidge of common sense get whiplash from doing a double-take. As you point out in your annotation, Douglass BROKE THE LAW in order to get his education, to learn to read, to learn to see. In order to become educated/woke, Frederick Douglass and slaves all over the country read books like Winston Smith did: huddled in his secret room fearing exposure and risking punishment. Punishments that ran the gamut from being tied to whipping post and having one's flesh flayed open, to amputations, to imprisonment. How ironic (or apropos) that a South Carolina school Superintendent, the first state to enact anti-literacy laws, will lead the way in 2023 for less literacy, not more. My my, how the world dearly loves a cage.

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